What is sustainability in architecture?

What is sustainability in architecture?
This is a good point of discussion since every architect studied the greatest masterpieces of history under the point of view of static, esthetic, formalism, modernism and some other ..ism and sometimes they are not familiar with  topic like energy.


Sustainable architecture is many times thought as another architectural expression, like a style of design or, even worse, like a fashion or a regulation to apply. I’d repeat once again the word FASHION. That’s it! Today’s architecture (at least the most admired) is all about fashion. We see examples of Zaha Hadid, sir Norman Foster or other Star architects sold like sustainable projects. With all the respect to their creativity and architectural skills and experience, I believe their projects took sustainability not as a conviction but like the trend of our time.
However I am convinced that architecture is a display of time and society I’d like to make a distinction between the “green lie” and the truth. Building an off grid village in the middle of the desert which costs are out of proportion is not sustainable. A building which impact, during the construction process, overcame by 100 times what could be saved during its life cycle it is not a sustainable building.
I find interesting this session of lectures held at the Roca Gallery in Barcelona.  Here is Session 1 The green lie

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