Sustainable design is a matter of efficiency and control. We implement projects under the aspect of energy efficiency and architecture quality by the means of computerized calculations. We offer constant and continuous support for projects from start to finish.

PMH energy analysis

The Energy analysis cannot be considered a certification of what is already designed. It should be looked at as a tool to integrate and develop the most suitable solution in terms of environmental control and architectural expression. For example: how many cm of insulation does one need? Which kind of insulation is more adequate for my design condition? And another important question… How does one balance the cost between the use of material and the money spent on bills? Is a PV panel necessary? Etc…

We always put the user in the center of our study, refferring more to its perceptions rather than using standardized parameters

Analysis Results

-Heat and solar gains

-Efficiency of the envelope

-Cooling and heating demand

-U – values and Dew point

-Standards and certification

-PV panels sizing and integration


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