Daylight in architecture brings high quality, energy efficiency and above all it is free.
We calculate and estimate the daylight that spaces in projects can get. It is a static (Lux, Cd/m2 Daylight Factor) and dynamic (Daylight Autonomy) analysis. It is generally a matter of orientation, size of openings, quality of glazing surfaces and shading system.

light-analysis-analisi-luce-lux-illuminance-The balance of these elements is fundamental to maximize the daylight gains but on the other hand is also important to avoid heat overloads and glare due to the direct sunlight. This compromise is quite difficult to reach and it is impossible without a deep consideration of each one of these parameters in terms of quality and quantity.

Analysis results

-Daylight Factor [DF%]

-Illuminance levels all over the year static and dynamic [Lux]

-Luminance / Glare [Cd/m2]

-Shadow analysis

-Sunlight radiation and distribution

-Daylight Autonomy and dependence on artificial light during    daylight hours

-Money savings in electricity consumption


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