The study of natural ventilation is fundamental to design a comfortable space and decrease heat loads in summer. This topic is riddled with concepts like air-tightness, wind pressure and humidity which might be difficult to estimate without the proper tools.

graphic of temperatures

From the Aeronautic and Automobile Science to our houses, the computational fluid dynamics is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical methods and algorithms to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows. How can this correspond with our interest in sustainable design?

Natural and mechanical ventilation are some of the most important values of comfort. Through this advanced method we esteem the movements of the air inside a room, an entire building or the outer spaces and provide advice and solutions for every specific case. Every effect of the natural ventilation is also calculated in terms of comfort and energy efficiency.


We calculate the real contribution of natural ventilation in our projects and use it to create the most comfortable scenario, always giving the possibility to open the window and enjoy the outside air.

Analysis and results:

– Quality of the inside air

– Inside and outside  air movement

– Velocity, temperature and pressure of the air

– Passive ventilation, design and quantification.


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