District heating and cooling for the city of olot


Olot is a city with a population of 33.913 inhabitants, in Girona region, in north-east Catalonia.

The project is a pioneering multi-energy district heating and cooling in Spain. The renewable energy tri-generation system combines ground source heat pumps, biomass, and photovoltaic with natural gas as backup.

The project entails 3 strategic goals:

    1. Improving energy efficiency on municipal buildings.
    2. Improving management and maintenance of forests in the area.
    3. Setting up a professional sector which leads in the management and control of energy systems by using renewable energy in the area.

The system will supply highly efficient and sustainable heating, cooling and power to the Olot city centre(article on Managenergy)

The 3 heat pumps are connected in master-slave configuration and act as if it were a single heat pump with 6 stage compressors, giving us an increase of efficiency as it can be adjusted to the demand for heat or cold at any time.The system is intended to be increased up to 540 kW when the district heating increases his network to public buildings with cooling.There will be and integral control and management system of the heating and cooling distribution network, therefore, all the production, the distribution and the substations will be joined under the same control system.Two different calorimeters at the outlets of the heat and cold production systems will be installed in order to know the generated energy.Olot city is a Covenant of Mayors signatory (committed to reduce CO2 emissions in the municipality more than 20% by 2020).The cooling and heating network will reduce the energy bill by EUR 20,000 per year for the five buildings included in the project over the coming 13 years of service.

The project has been widely accepted by the managers of the buildings included in it.The city aims to raise the awareness of its citizens towards renewable energy and efficient technologies.

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