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Sustainable architecture is a matter of equilibrium, not only about static and aesthetic but also about social aspects, environmental impact, life style and economy. With a complete integration of Architecture and Engineering we develop projects focused on keeping the balance between these two branches of the building construction. The quality of the design leads our choices, the precision of the energy simulations corrects them and guides the hand to draw since the beginning qualitative and efficient solutions. Our method is to clinically study a project in terms of energy consumption, daylight, wind, air quality and comfort, with high design quality, involving people, culture and tradition.

Buildings Energy Consumption



buildings represent around 40% of primary energy consumption

Buildings CO2 Emissions



Buildings are responsible for 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU

Energy Savings



With Sustainable Buildings we could stop consuming energy and start producing it

Architecture is the response of Men to the Natural context in which they live. It has evolved with people as the display of their social condition, technology and progress. It has also displayed many other aspects of human kind like its creativity, wellness, avidity and frivolity. It is impossible to think about architecture without thinking about the relationship between people and energy. In history this link was indissoluble since people always looked for recreating a comfortable environment in their homes using what nature put at disposal. In the last century the scenario has changed: People increased their environmental impact exponentially regardless to what could cause to their future. With an uncontrolled abuse of our resources nowadays the C02 emissions caused by the building industry are about the 40% of the global amount, causing tremendous consequences in the world’s equilibrium. In front of this every architecture theory shows vulnerable. We must do a step back and re-think architecture a bit more like our ancestors, use natural resources as the first rule of our design.


Once again we must design in response to people need, according to the natural environment, think nature as an extremely powerful resource and not like a problem to resolve. However, the context is not only to consider under the environmental aspect. Culture, Society, Tradition are also a consistent part of the project’s roots. The architectural design must be the rational response to all these criteria. These criteria need therefore to be synthesized in a concrete design involving creativity and technology, creating a dialogue between what already exist and what it will be. Architecture, as we build it nowadays, can play on each of those components according to the situation. This is the essence of what is real in contrast to what is useless and frivolous.

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