Zero Emission Supermarket


‘EROSKI Zero Emission Supermarket is the first 100% sustainable store in Europe, validated in a real scheme,

which involves eco-efficient measures and renewable energy sources combined to achieve a 60% energy saving
and a neutral CO2 balance. It will set up the basis for the future model of sustainable retailing and consumption
patterns for civil society’, explains Gotzone Artabe Larraskitu, who is responsible for sustainability and the
environment at EROSKI.

The design is 100% sustainable and uses ecological and recycled materials (mineral rockwool, recycled asphalt
from used tyres, etc). Roof skylights and a glass front façade with prismatic lenses capture maximum light and
optimise its diffusion. Water use is minimised through double pushbuttons, tap aerators or dry urinals. The
supermarket also has a ‘green’ car park for bicycles and electric vehicles (with free charge point) to foster
sustainable transport use by customers.
Renewable energy is also provided through a 20 kilowatt (kW) solar photovoltaic installation in the car park
(annual production of 21 560 kWh) which avoids more than 14 tonnes per year of equivalent CO2 emissions.

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