an off-the-grid project for a residential complex in Costa Rica


The Eco Touristic complex is a touristic resort in Costa Rica, near the village of Malpaìs. The complex consist in a smart grid which makes the resort self sufficient (with a backup connection to the grid in case of insuffcient energy supply or unexpected breakdown). The self sufficiency will be possible due to a closed loop of resource sharing. The touristic complex will relies on renovable energy and environmental friendly strategies  such as wind power, PV pannels, water collection and treatement, energy production from biomass and waste recycle.The construction is designed according to local techniques, that implies simple shapes strongly characterized by the context and the tradition.The Eco Lodge is located in a plot of 7000m2, near the village of Malpaís  800 meters far from the Pacific Ocean. The territory is located between 150 and 190 meters above the sea level. The project aims to minimize the environmental impact and the sustainable aspect are central in every stage of the design.


The achievement of the zero energy balance was only possible thanks to an inclusive design strategy that encompasses the engineering and the architectural design

costa-rica-sustainable-architecture-sostenibile-sezione-climatica-climatic section


Entrance area – Parking and Electric Quad area of about 350m2

Central Hall, reception, restaurant, toilets, staff dwellings,  plants, of about 800m2

Elevated pathway connecting pubblic areas, private cabins and the swimming pool.

Swimming pool area and bar

14 cabins “cabañas” , 10 for 2 persons and 4 for families.


The houses are designed according to the local techniques and vernacular architectures. The envelope and the openings are studied in order to enhance the natural ventilation, a fundamental strategy that solve the problem of an extremely humid climate.

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