Energy Analysis for the industrial unit of the Spanish postal service: Correos – Barcelona

Analysis of the Solar radiation on the roof – Design and quantification of Photovoltaic panels


Energy analysisfor the retrofit of the industrial unit of Correos Espana in Barcelona.
The chosen strategy for this project was the integration of Photovoltaic Panels in the roof combined with skylights for natural illumination

Study and developement of daylight autonomy – Benefit on energy consumption and light quality

The daylight autonomy at a point of interest  in a building is defined as the fraction of the occupied times per year, when the required minimum illuminance level at the point can be maintained by daylight alone. In contrast to the more commonly used daylight factor, the daylight autonomy considers all sky conditions throughout the year. It can nowadays be reliably simulated using dynamic daylight simulation methods. Example A daylight autonomy of 70% for a work place with working hours on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. and a minimum illuminance levels of  500 lux informs that the occupant can potentially work 70% of the year by daylight alone. In the Correos Building the daylight autonomy is apparently low because the working hours are 24/7 and also night hours have been calculated


Lux- average  435- h 16:00- December 21th – Cloudy sky


Lux- average  661 – h 12:00  -December 21th – Cloudy sky


Lux- average  327- h 9:00- December 21th – Cloudy sky

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